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“The International Trade in Wastes”
5th Edition, 1990. Publisher: Greenpeace.

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Below is an index prepared by Waste Not (#s 138-139) of some American companies and individuals mentioned in The International Trade in Wastes, 5th Edition, 1990.

(MSW = municipal solid waste)

US Firms/Individuals Cited Pg.# State Scheme Status

Amalgamated Shipping 24 Owner of ship, Khian Sea, that Paolino & Sons Rejected by contracted to dispose Phila ash. (1987-88). 16 countries

American Cyanamid (Wayne) 27-38 NJ Dispose mercury wastes in South Africa. Active

Admiralty Pacific (Seattle) 43-59 WA Dispose MSW & tires in Marshall Islands. Proposal

A.G. & H. Chemicals (Delray Beach) 157 FL Export haz. solvents to Jamaica in 1988. Rejected

Agro-Industrial Development 141 Export haz. wastes to Dominican Republic, Rejected and Forest Co. with Atlantic Forest Products Co. , 1983.

Allied Technologies 89 MD Export Love Canal’s dioxin wastes to Morocco Rej. by NYS in 1988.

Allied Technologies (Ellicott City) 133 MD Planned to ship dioxin wastes to Brazil in 1988. Unclear

ALQUI Distributors (Miami) 146,164 FL Export MSW incin. ash to El Salvador and Unclear & Nicaragua in 1990. Broker: Roberto Morales.

American Security Int’l 168 FL Haz. waste incinerator for Peru in 1988. Rejected

Applied Recovery Technology 130 Export sewage sludge to Belize and the Turks Rejected & Caicos in 1986, and in 1987 proposed to send L.A.’s sewer sludge to Guatemala. to Guatemala, Honduras, Turks & Caicos

Arbuckle Machinery 105,141 TX Exported PCB waste to Dominican Republic, Actual

South Africa & Mexico in 1980.

Ashland Metal Co. (Ashland) 132 PA Shipped haz. waste to Brazil in 1988. Active

Atlantic Forest Products Co. 141 Export haz. waste with Agro-Industrial Dev. & Rejected

Forest Co. to Dominican Republic in 1983.

Axim Consortium Group 75 NYC Export chem waste to Equatorial Guinea in 1988 Unclear

Coastal Carriers 140 Firm behind the notorious Philadelphia MSW Rejected ash ship, Khian Sea, 1987-1988.

Colbert, Jack & Charles 112-114 OH Arms merchants, their firms are Sigma & SCI. “Involved in fraudulent and hazardous business practices for years. Toxic waste to Zambia, 1984.

Columbia Materials Exchange Corp. 108 Export MSW incinerator ash to Sudan in 1988. Rejected

Congdon, Weldon 50 Director of Micromar, or Micronesian Marine.

Delatte Metals (Ponchatoula) 131 LA Toxic wastes to Brazil in 1990. Active

Derringer, Jack P. 92 CA Director of Raremin Co.

Diamond Shamrock 105 TX Exported PCB waste to Mexico, South Africa Actual

& Dominican Republic in 1980.

Diaz, Manuel (L.A.) 189 CA Vice-president of Recycled Energy.

Dowd, Henry 99 Broker involved in Phila. incin.ash Khiam Sea.

Eco-Therm (West Sacramento) 139 CA Toxic gasses to Costa Rica in 1985. Rejected

Eden, Dr. Darrell 44 Board Member, Admiralty Pacific

Environmental Pacific (Lake Oswego) 179 OR Haz. waste to Pacific Rim countries in 1988. Unclear

US Firms/Individuals Cited Pg.# State Scheme Status

Export Waste Mngmt. (Englewood) 72,81 NJ Industrial waste to Congo & Guinea in 1988. Rejected

Federated Metals (Newark) 159 NJ Lead-contaiminated waste to Mexico in 1981. Actual

Fleming, Dan 43-59 - President of Micronesian Development, or Micromar. Former Pres. of Admiralty Pacific,

Fox, Katherine 44 Secretary, Admiralty Pacific

Franco, Raymond 162 Shipped haz. wastes to Mexico Actual

Franklin Energy Resources 142 NY Waste, possibly MSW, to Dominican Rep,1988Rejected

G. Systems (Tuscon) 161 AZ Landfill for toxic waste in Mexico, 1987. Rejected

GEI Inc. (Brooklyn) 101 NY Export MSW waste to Senegal in 1988. Unclear

Global Dynamics Ltd. 143 NYC Industrial wastes to Dominican Rep,1988. Rejected

Global Industrial Complex Ltd. 177 NYC Haz., MSW & medical waste incin. for Rejected Bangladesh in 1989.

Global Telesis Corp. 179 Export haz. waste to China, Asia, and Pacific Unclear region in 1989. Tried unsuccessfully to export haz. waste to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Hancock Industries (Philadelphia) 140 PA Export paper waste to Costa Rica in 1987. Unclear

Harrelson, Lowell 126 AL Broker for the infamous L.I. “garbage barge” Rejected to dump waste in the Bahamas.

Hurd, Peter 73 NY President of Interspace.

International Energy Resources 139,145, CT MSW incin. ash to Columbia , El Salvador, Cancelled (Greenwich, CT) 148-149 Guatemala, Panama in 1990.

Interspace Products (western NY) 72-73 NY Export industrial waste to Congo in 1988. Rejected

Lindaco Ltd. 82 DE Export waste to Guinea-Bissau, formed in Rejected 1988 by A. Robert Zeff.

Lion Metals (Fort Lee) 132 NJ Involved with Delatte Metals to ship Active lead contaminated waste to Brazil in 1987.

LPT Development (Pittsburg) 176,197-198 CA 2 Haz. waste incinerators for Samoa, 1986-87. Rejected

Manton, Thomas Brewster 44 Chief Operating Officer of Admiralty Pacific.

McMillin, John 44 Board Member, Admiralty Pacific

Micromar 50-52 CA Another name of Micronesian Marine Dev.

Micronesian Marine Dev. 43-59 CA Dispose US MSW in Pacific Marshall Islands. Proposal

Millen Bank 66 TX Co-finance industrial waste to Angola in 1988.

Moller, Finn 127 Schemes to build haz. waste incinerators Rejected in the Bahamas and Guyana in 1989.

Montenay Glen Cove Corp. 168 NY Dump MSW incinerator ash in Peru Rejected

Morales, Roberto (Miami) 146, 164 FL Export MSW incin. ash to El Salvador Unclear & Nicaragua in 1990 via ALQUI.

Multidyne International 166, 216 FL Radioactive ash to Panama in 1988. Unclear Proposed waste oil to Czechoslovakia, 1988.

National Waste Contractors 126 AL Involved in infamous L.I. “garbage Rejected (Bay Minnette, AL) barge” to dump waste in the Bahamas.

N.C.T.B. 148 NJ Asbestos waste to Guatemala in 1989. Abandoned

Nedlog Technology 101 CO Haz. waste to Sierra Leone in 1980, and other Rejected African countries. Nedlog was formed in 1977 with assistance from Roldiva Corp,PA.

Noonan, Michael ‘Misha’ 44 Board Member, Admiralty Pacific

Omega Recovery Services 195 CA Incin. for haz. & MSW waste to Tonga, 1988. Suspended

O'Meara, Dennis 196 CA Head of Omega Recovery Services, CA.

Pacific Chemicals Engineering 137 CO Owned by waste trader James Wolfe. Haz. Rejected waste facility in Chilean desert, 1989.

Paolino & Sons (Philadelphia) 20-25 PA Contracted by the City of Philadelphia to Rejected by dispose of MSW incin. ash (Khiam Sea). 16 countries

Countries that rejected ash: Bahamas, Bermuda,
Cape Verde, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Rep.,
Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras,
Indonesia, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and
Yugoslavia. 1987-1988.

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