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Waste Technologies Industries (armed with a permit that was illegally issued by US EPA
Region V Administrator Valdas Adamkus) is building one of the largest hazardous
waste incinerators in the U.S. that is sited 1100 feet from an elementary school.

Who owns WTI?
How close is WTI to B.C.C.I.?

9-4-81: Waste Technologies Industries (WTI)
listed their owners on their “Permit Application Document” as:

Joint Venture of : Share in WTI: Wholly owned by:

Waste Technologies, Inc. 30% share Stephens, Inc.

Von Roll America, Inc. 20% share Von Roll AG

Energy Technology Company 30% share Mustang Fuel Corporation

Koppers Environmental Corporation 20% share Koppers Company Inc.

Waste Technologies Industries: a shift in partners.

1 On November 3, 1987: 2 On January 24, 1990: 3 On November 18, 1991:

Waste Technologies Incorporated Waste Technologies Incorporated Waste Technologies, Inc.

Energy Technology Company Energy Technology Company *Energy Technology Company

Von Roll (Ohio), Inc. Von Roll (Ohio) Inc. Von Roll (Ohio), Inc.

Environmental Elements Ohio (Inc.) Environmental Elements (Ohio), Inc. Environmental Elements (Ohio), Inc. (* doing business as Enertech Development, Inc.)

Note the importance of Commas, Parenthesis & Abbreviations
Waste Technologies Incorporated and Waste Technologies, Inc. are two different companies.

Von Roll (Ohio), Inc. and Von Roll (Ohio) Inc. are two different companies, etc.
August 21, 1990

4Waste Technologies Industries: Von Roll buys out partners.

Environmental Elements (Ohio) Inc. Purchased by Von Roll, America

Waste Technologies Industries Inc. Purchased by Von Roll, America

Energy Technology Co. Purchased by Von Roll, America

Which WTI partnership did Von Roll buy out?

As you can see from above there are four different WTI partnerships that have we cited: 1WTI’s submission to the Ohio Secretary of State; 2submission by WTI’s lawyer, Charles H. Waterman III, to Ohio EPA; 3as listed by the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation which asserted: “WTI and WTI’s ownership are unchanged”; 4according to a Von Roll announcement as reported in The Evening Review, East Liverpool. The question that the citizens want to know: who owns WTI? There are 9 different Von Rolls listed in WTI-related documents: Von Roll AG; Von Roll America Inc.; Von Roll America, Inc.; Von Roll Inc.; Von Roll, Inc.; Von Roll Ohio; Von Roll (Ohio) Inc.; Von Roll (Ohio), Inc.; and Von Roll Ltd. The search for the corporate name mutations is an ongoing research project that Connie Stein and Terri Swearingen have been working on for the Tri-State Environmental Council. Their research leads to a strong possibility that WTI is perpetuating a crooked shell game by disguising the ownership interests in the WTI partnership to escape liability in case of an accident. The citizens believe that WTI has developed a scheme to avoid corporate liability by substituting, as it partners, corporations that have names similar to, but different from, the original partner. This could be a very clever corporate scam to make millions of dollars while the citizens take all the financial risks.

12-2-91 letter from Valdas Adamkus, Regional Administrator of US EPA Region V, to Senator John D. Rockefeller IV: Adamkus stated that Waste Technologies, Inc. “an Oklahoma [sic- Arkansas] corporation” is a corporate partner of WTI. In a 2-24-92 interview with Nancy-Ellen Zusman, a US EPA Region V attorney, Waste Not was told that the 12-2-91 letter that Adamkus wrote to Sen. Rockefeller IV was based on incorrect information they received from WTI’s lawyer Charles H. Waterman III. When we asked for the correct information Zusman said that we should contact WTI’s attorney Waterman III. [Waste Not contacted Waterman III on 2-27-92 and asked “Who owns WTI?” Waterman replied that he was “ not able to discuss it” because of potential litigation from citizens groups.] Zusman informed us that “it doesn’t matter to the US EPA if partners change...the original permittee was WTI...the Agency only looks at the permittee. There are no regulations that discuss change of partners. WTI still has to meet all the requirements for financial assurance...[which is] required 60 days before they start.


In a 10-4-90 press release, “Von Roll Ltd. of Switzerland, with American headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, announces that an agreement was completed on September 21, 1990, in New York covering the financing of the WTI industrial waste incineration facility being built in East Liverpool, Ohio. Financing is in the amount of US $128 million. Parties to the contract are Waste Technologies Industries, East Liverpool, Ohio, a subsidiary of Von Roll, and a banking consortium of J.P. Morgan and Union Bank of Switzerland, both in New York...The general contractor for the engineering and construction of the facility will be Rust International Corporation of Birmingham, Alabama...” (Note: Rust International is owned by Wheelabrator. Waste Management Inc. owns Wheelabrator.) The Wall Street Journal, on 12-6-91 91, page A-8, described Union Bank of Switzerland “as a joint-venture partner with BCCI in a Geneva based bank.”

THE B.C.C.I.-WTI Connection: Jackson Stephens.

B.C.C.I. is widely known as the Bank of Crooks & Criminals International.

Jackson Stephens is credited with helping B.C.C.I. enter the American banking industry. Jackson Stephens, Chairman of the Board of Stephens Inc., was an active founding partner of WTI and was the broker for the B.C.C.I.-connected Union Bank of Switzerland rescue of a Harken Energy project that George W. Bush (son of President Bush) was involved with in 1987. The same B.C.C.I. Swiss bank is co-financing WTI. WTI’s partner, Waste Technologies, Inc., is wholly owned by Stephens Inc. Excerpts from a lengthy New York Post report of 2-2-92 on some of Jackson Stephens other involvements with B.C.C.I.: (For a copy of this report send a SASE to Waste Not..) ***Jackson Stephens, a Little Rock, Arkansas billionaire, “brokered the 1970s deals in which BCCI officials secretly acquired control of two American banks now at the center of the scandal. The banks - First American Bankshares and the National Bank of Georgia - were used as a financial clearinghouse by a collection of [the] world’s most dastardly crooks, drug dealers, dictators and spies.” ***Jackson Stephens, and his son Warren, have a “privately held investment firm [that] ranks among the top 10 in the nation.” ***“Although Bert Lance, the former White House Budget Director, is linked to helping BCCI get started with its secret acquisition of First America Bankshares -the Washington, D.C. banking institution at the center of the scandal- it was, according to court documents, Jackson Stephens who brought everyone together. Indeed, BCCI might have never gotten the toehold it needed in America to run its corrupt business if it were not for Stephens efforts...Lance was introduced to BCCI’s founder - Agha Hasan Abedi - by Stephens within weeks of the Georgia financier’s [Lance] departure from the Carter administration 1977...Even before Lance left his government position, Stephens was helping to broker the sale of Lance’s National Bank of Georgia to another controversial figure, Ghaith Pharaon. A Saudi billionaire, Pharaon was acting as a front man for Abedi...Lance and Stephens are reported to have made a fortune as a result of their involvement with BCCI...”

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