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N O R T H C A R O L I N A (continued)

199. Chatham County 2,000 tpd The proposed incinerator would be 20 times greater than Chatham’s 90 tons OGDEN per day. On March 8, 1993, the Chatham County Waste Management Task MARTIN Force issued their report to the County’s Board of Commissioners on Ogden’s incinerator. Excerpts from their report: “Since the [county’s] recycling and waste reduction program is only in its early stages, the Task Force feels that any consideration of waste incineration is both untimely and inappropriate. We also feel strongly that incineration degrades public health, provides a disincentive to conserve resources, endangers the environment, and discourages progress toward the responsible handling of Chatham County waste...we urge the commissioners to reject any offer to build a mass burn incinerator in Chatham County...” For more information contact Billie Elmore of NC WARN (Waste Awareness and Reduction Network), tel: 919-774-9566.

200. Cumberland County 1,000 tpd “Project was to be built as joint program with Ft. Bragg. Plan rejected by military in 1985. (Ref GAA 1988)

201. Forest City “Project cancelled. Not enough political support.” [Ref GAA 1988)

202. Gaston County 440 tpd “mass burn plant (originally contracted Dec 1989) canceled by County (High Shoals) WESTINGHOUSE Council during First Quarter 1992. Not enough community support to proceed...Westinghouse is suing County.” (Ref GAA 1993-94)

203. Morgantown 135 tpd “Local govt. obtained landfill permit, now no current plans for mass Burke County burning.” [Ref GAA 1988]

204. Rowan County 249 tpd “A power purchase agreement could not be negotiated because of low energy (Salisbury) Waste Energy, Inc. prices.” (Ref GAA 1991)

205. Washington 270 tpd “This project was not economically & environmentally feasible. Solid waste will go to a regional landfill instead...” (Ref GAA 1991)

206. Wayne County 300 tpd “Mass burn project has not progressed since late 1980’s. Developer (Goldsboro) ENERCO Systems (Enerco Systems) out of business.” (Ref GAA 1993-94)


207. Devils Lake 60 tpd “Plan to rebuild municipal district heating system abandoned. Steam distribu- tion system deteriorated (1983-85). Unfavorable economics at the present time.” (Ref GAA 1988)

208. Williston 100 tpd “Project developer (Widjac) went out of business. Problems with energy WIDJAC sales contract.” (Ref GAA 1988]


209. Cincinnati 1,450 -2,000 tpd Proposal fell through because of heavy opposition from citizen groups. DITT (French) The original developer ENCOA together with DITT, an arm of France’s electric utility, formed CESCO. In March 1988 citizens campaigned so hard against it that the bonding proposal was dropped and DITT walked. See WN#16. On Oct 4, 1989, the Cincinnati City Council approved a 5-year non-incinerator solid waste management plan. See Waste Not # 81.

210. Clark/Greene/Miami/ 900 - 1,200 tpd “not economically feasible; too expensive. In addition the Wright- Montgomery Counties Patterson Air Force Base was reluctant to make a commitment to project.” (Ref GAA 1991)

211. Euclid 200 tpd “Original plan was to retrofit old mothballed incinerator for energy recovery. However, plan deferred; not economically feasible. Waste Management will use site as transfer station & recycling center.” (Ref GAA 1993-94)


212. New Cordell 249 tpd “Developer (Process Design) has not obtained financing. Combustion Technologies./C&H Combustion no longer involved in project.”[Ref ‘88)


213. Portland 1,200 tpd RDF “Political opposition, particularly from health panel, killed this A.B.B. RDF A.B.B. project. Also, planning agency couldn’t meet deadlines for obtaining tax- exempt bonds...” (Ref GAA 1991). See also Waste Not # 1.


214. Berks County 1 1,200 tpd “Ogden Martin’s mass burn project fell through because the County decided (Morganstown) OGDEN MARTIN to emphasize recycling and downsize the facility. 66 communities were planning to participate.”_(Ref GAA 1991)

215. Berks County 2 500 tpd “In reconsidering their options, the County decided (9/90) to send all AMERICAN burnable solid waste to the Wheelabrator mass burn plant in West REF-FUEL Pottsgrove, PA, which will have excess capacity. RFP had been issued for smaller plant; Westinghouse proposed using excess capacity in Chester project & American Ref-Fuel wanted to build an actual facility in Berks County.” (Ref 1991)

216. Bradford County 300 tpd RDF “Densified RDF project discontinued in 1989; not enough garbage in area to justify building it.”(Ref GAA 1993-94)

217. Bucks County 2,250 tpd “Wheelabrator merged this merchant project into plans for mass burn (Bensalem Township) WHEELABRATOR burn incinerator in Falls Township...local opposition.”(Ref GAA 1991)

218. Bucks County 1,500-3,000 tpd “Waste Management Energy Systems merged with Wheelabrator. (Falls Township) Waste Management Now focusing on Wheelabrator’s mass burn project in Falls Energy SystemsTownship.” (Ref GAA 1991)

219. Chester 2,250 tpd RDF On 12-27-91 the State denied a permit for this incinerator. Chester, a A.B.B. notoriously corrupt city, is home to a 2,600 tpd Westinghouse incinerator. The State rejected ABB’s proposal on grounds of insufficient need and pollution concerns. Clean Air Action of Philadelphia were major campaigners against this proposal. See Waste Not #183.

220. Clinton County 224 tpd Requests for proposals “drawn up but never issued. Could not get Lockhaven, good electricity or steam rate.” (Ref GAA 1988)

221. Delaware County 48 tpd “Township sued the County over a zoning ordinance pertaining to this (Marcus Hook) AMERICAN modular plant using the Cadoux process. A settlement was negotiated & the RESOURCE project has been warehoused. County is now building a large mass burn RECOVERY facility (Westinghouse). American Resource Recovery (developer) was paid expenses for design work & a fee for contract being broken.)”(GAA ‘91)

222. Erie 500 tpd Plans died in 1991. “City had no confidence in vendor.” (Ref GAA 1993-94) READING ENERGY

223. Borough of Hanover 200 tpd “Political problems killed this mass burn project. Pennsylvania DER discouraged building small plants. Instead they are building a transfer station & sending all MSW to York County’s” incinerator. (Ref GAA 1991)

224. Dunmore 1,000 tpd “Bad publicity, NIMBY & environmental concerns killed plans for BECHTEL for Bechtel Civil’s merchant mass burn plant.” (Ref GAA 1991)

225. Lehigh Valley 1,000 tpd In April 1989, the Lehigh Valley trash authority abandoned its 4-year old (Bethlehem) AMERICAN REF-FUEL plans for a $180 million incinerator, even though it had spent $2 million on the project. The decision was based mainly on economic concerns of risk and liability. See Waste Not #56.

226. Lycoming County 1,500 tpd “Public objected to proposed hazardous waste incinerator; took away desire to build any type of incinerator.\ Plans to build ended Summer of 1991.” (Ref GAA 1993-94)

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