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New Data indicates U.S. EPA
greatly underestimated dioxin emissions
from U.S. trash incinerators: Part 2.

Waste Not submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the US EPA on Oct 4, 1994, to obtain the 1994 dioxin emission testing results from MSW incinerators that operate with hot-sided ESPs. The following information was sent to us, in response to our request, by Fred Porter of the U.S. EPA on July 27, 1995.


Pinellas County, Florida - (3,000 tpd, 3 units.) [Mass burn; on-line 1983; owned & operated by Wheelabrator, Ed.] Three consecutive dioxin tests conducted on unit 3 at this facility in 1994 reported dioxin levels of 1,964 ng/dscm, 3,840 ng/dscm, and 4,400 ng/dscm. Because of similar ESP temperatures, units 1 and 2 are estimated to be operating at the same level as unit 3. The facility has performed dioxin tests using temporary water spray cooling to reduce ESP temperature. Results from testing with a temporary water spray system became available February 1995. Dioxin levels were reported to be 1,500 ng/dscm at an ESP temperature of 543°F (the previous test of 4,400 ng/dscm without water spray cooling was at an ESP temperature of 621°F). Negotiations are currently underway regarding permanent retrofit of water sprays and other flue gas cooling methods to reduce ESP temperatures in order to reduce dioxin emissions.

Tampa (McKay Bay), Florida - (1,000 tpd, 4 units.) [Mass burn; on-line 1985; owned & operated by Wheelabrator, Ed.] Dioxin tests on three units (units 1, 3, and 4) were pe