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The 3rd Citizens’ Conference on Dioxin
& Other Synthettic Hormone Disrupters.
March 15-17, 1996, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Friday, March 15

3 pm on Registration

4 - 5:30 Pre-conference “get-up-to-speed” lectures. Choose one of the following

(1) Dioxin 101

(2) Endocrine Disrupters: what are they?

(3) Internet for activists (for people who are scared of computers)

6 - 9 pm Dinner. Welcome to Louisiana and the South. An introduction to local grass-roots battles on dioxin. A welcome to our international visitors. Keynote speaker.

Saturday, March 16

8 am on Registration

9 - 9:30 am Opening address. (Dr. Paul Connett and Lois Gibbs)

9:30 - 10:30 am Panel on Environmental Justice.

10:30 - 10:45 Refreshment break

10:45-12:30 First Round of Campaign Strategy Sessions

(1) Getting Chlorine out of the paper/pulp industry. (7) Developing tools to help poisoned

(2) Getting Organochlorines out of manufacturing. communities, including relocation

(3) Halting all forms of incineration. issues.

(4) Phasing out all uses of PVC. (8) Dioxin, food and agriculture.

(5) Creating a scientific swat team to help communities. (9) Public education & Outreach:

(6) Health, dioxin & endocrine disrupters: coalition communicating the dioxin issue.


12:30 - 2 pm Economic Justice and Labor Luncheon.

2 - 4 pm Second Round of Campaign Strategy Sessions

4 - 4:15 pm Refreshment break

4:15 - 5:30 pm Special meetings, Networking Caucuses, Ongoing Newsletter/Communications to keep track of campaigns meeting, Free massages for weary activists! Video watching (Assault on the Male; Dioxin: the Perfect Poison).

6 - 8 pm Dinner. Panel: Alternative Visions and Model Solutions.

8 - 9 pm The Great Quiz Show: Corporation Spin Doctors vs. Citizens’ Scientific Team.

9 - midnight Entertainment:: sketches, songs and dances to drive the dioxin menace away and the Chemical Manufacturers Association crazy.

Sunday, March 17

9 - 10:30 am Panel: Tackling Corporate Power and Case Studies of Successful Coalition Building.

10:30 - 11 am Short break to vacate rooms to get luggage, etc.

11 - 12:30 Third Round of Campaign Strategy Sessions

12:30 - 2:30 pm Luncheon. Each workshop will report back on one highlight of their campaign

strategy. Final address by Dr. Barry Commoner.

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* Will be listed on all conference brochures and materials.

* Groups will receive two Conference Registration tickets.

* Individuals will receive one Conference Registration ticket.

All Grass-Roots Groups: $100

All State/National Groups: $200

Individuals: $ 50

Deadlines for Co-Sponsors:

January 20, 1996: for inclusion in conference brochure and materials. (see note below.)

February 15, 1996: for inclusion in Conference materials. (see note below.)

Note: If you or your group agree to be a conference co-sponsor and are concerned that we may not receive your confirmaton in time, please fax this sheet, or phone in the information, to:

Ellen Connett: Fax: 315-379-0448. Tel: 315-379-9200.

YES! We want to be a co-sponsor of the

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Please return this sheet and your check to:
Citizens’ Conference on Dioxin, Inc.
5301 Rolling Hill Road, Sanford N.C. 27330

(Billie Elmore, Treasurer)

(U.S. only: Contributions are tax deductible.)

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